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UltraTech 15' X 66' X 1' Ultra-Containment Berms® Black Copolymer 2000™ Spill Containment Berm

UltraTech 15' X 66' X 1' Ultra-Containment Berms® Black Copolymer 2000™ Spill Containment Berm

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UltraTech 15' x 66 x 1' Ultra-Containment Berms® Black Copolymer 2000™ Spill Containment Berm

UltraTech Ultra-Containment Berms® 15' X 66' X 1' Rapid Rise Model featuring standard copolymer material construction offers long lasting usage. Rapid rise model with 7,405-gallon capacity has sidewalls that remain down during normal operations, loading, unloading and offers vehicles to drive in and out with no set-up or take-down required. It renders guaranteed performance in case of a spill by allowing the foam ring around the top perimeter of the containment berm to rise to the level of spilled liquid. Model is best suited for quick and easy spill containment for drums, IBCs, vehicles, frac tanks and other large containers. Helps with EPA (40 CFR 264.175) and SPCC (40 CFR Part 112) spill containment regulations.


One of the main advantages of the Ultra-Containment Berm, Rapid Rise Model is that the sidewalls stay out of the way until they are needed. Foam in the top, outer perimeter of this containment berm’s sidewalls raise the walls with the level of the liquid should there be a spill while rigid struts provide added support. But the walls stay down and flat during normal, day-to-day, operations. 


  • Sidewalls remain down during normal operations, loading and unloading. Vehicles and equipment can drive in and out with no set-up or take-down required
  • In case of spill, foam ring around the top perimeter of the Containment Berm rises with the level of spilled liquid
  • Provides quick and easy spill containment for drums, IBCs, vehicles, frac tanks and other large containers
  • Custom sizes available
  • Standard material of construction is Copolymer 2000™
  • Sidewalls stay lowered and out of the way until they are needed
  • Made in USA


  • EPA 40 CFR 264.175
  • SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) 40 CFR Part 112


Containment Capacity: 7,405 Gallons

Weight: 357 lbs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Operating Temps: Copolymer-2000:  Max 160°F, Min:  -25°F
  • Weight of materials: Copolymer 2000 – 25 oz. / sq. yard
  • Compatibility with chemicals: If the chemical is not listed in the guide (see below), chances are that chemical has not been tested with the material (testing kits are available separately for a 30-day immersion test)
  • Custom Sizes: Available in virtually any length and width.
  • Shipping Class: Ultra-Containment Berms ship from factory in N. Augusta, SC 29860 at class 125.
  • Repair Kit: Sold as a separate item, the repair kit is simply an 11” x 36” piece of matching material and instructions on how to apply it to the berm.  The only other item required is an industrial heat gun.
  • Optional Ground Tarp: The optional ground tarp provides added protection from punctures or damage from beneath the Ultra-Containment Berm.  Standard procedure is to sweep the area of any rocks or debris, then place the ground tarp down followed by the containment berm. For smaller standard sized berms, the 11′ x 11′ ground tarp is recommended (Part# 8311).  For larger berms, the general rule of thumb is to add 4′ to both the length and width dimensions of the berm.  (e.g. a 16′ x 64′ ground tarp would be used for a 12′ x 60′ containment berm.)
  • Track Belts: Track Belts are strips of very heavy-duty material (Reinforced PVC) that lay down inside of the berm.  They take the wear and tear from tires of vehicles that are driving in and out of the berms. Thereby extending the life of the product.



Containment Berm Chemical Compatibility

Copolymer 2000, XR-5, and PVC

According to EPA guidelines, spills must be cleaned up within 24 hours and any secondary containment areas must be inspected once a week. The chart below lists chemical compatibility of Copolymer 2000, XR5, and PVC. The information has been developed from industry-available data and offers compatibility based on exposure of one week or less.

The rating system is indicated as

A – Fluid has little or no effect at room temperature

B – Fluid has minor to moderate effect at room temperature

C – Fluid has severe effect at room temperature


Copolymer 2000  



Kerosene A A A
Diesel Fuel A A A
Ohio Crude Oil A A A
Hydraulic Fluid-Petroleum
Naptha A A A
Conc. Ammonium Hydroxide A A B
50% Acetic Acid C C C
50% Phosphoric Acid A A B
50% Hydrochloric Acid A A B
50% Nitric C C B
50% Sulfuric Acid A A A
60% Sodium Hydroxide A A A
Methyl Alcohol A A A
JP-4 Jet Fuel A A C
Salt Water 180°F A A A
Phthalate Plasticizers B B C
SAE-30 Oil A A A
Raw Linseed Oil A A A

The above ratings were arrived at by visual and physical examination of the membrane samples after their removal from the test chemical. When considering Copolymer 2000, PVC and XR5 for specific applications, it is important to study the requirements such as permeability, service temperature, concentration, size to be contained, etc. Samples of XR-5, PVC, or Copolymer 2000 should be tested close to actual service conditions and also your distributor should be consulted. *IMPORTANT USER NOTICE FOR Copolymer 2000, XR5 and PVC CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY GUIDE

This listing is offered by the manufacturer only as a guide and utilizes information which, to the best of UltraTech’s knowledge, is accurate and reliable. Due to variables and conditions of application beyond the control of UltraTech, none of the data shown in this guide is to be construed as a guarantee, expressed or implied. UltraTech International, Inc., or the distributor/vendor assume no responsibility, obligation or liability in conjunction with the use or misuse of information herein or the product.

Special Notes: 

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